christmas selection of pink, white and black gourmet crystal salts

At Salarium Argentum, we are proud to bring Himalayan Crystal Salt to the tables and kitchens of esteemed restaurants and catering groups. It is only available in 12.5kg tubs suitable for the food service industry.

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Premium White Salt

Premium White Salt is mild with a unique clean character and no aftertaste. Recommended uses are in salting water for blanching, the curing of meats, seafood and vegetables and in the preparation of soups and stews. It may be used where any liquid is required in the cooking process.


Gourmet Black Salt

Black Gourmet Salt is an intense gourmet salt of the highest quality. It has a strong initial flavour that mellows in cooking. Recommended uses are with ingredients that are strong in flavour themselves, such as red meats, oily fish and offal. It can also be used for salt baked dishes.


Gourmet Pink Salt

Pink Gourmet Salt is the purest tasting and cleanest crystal salt in the world. While similar in taste to flaked salt, it will gently highlight natural flavours. Recommended uses are with seafood, white meats, salads and the cooking of vegetables. It can also be used in preparing pastry items and as a table salt. A salt grinder may be used if preferred.

Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt is unique in the market place for its flavour, texture, purity, its colour and its health benefits.

At Salarium Argentum, we also have the capacity to supply huge quantities of this high grade crystal salt to the food industries to further improve the quality and flavour of existing market products.

Sizes Available Now

Pink, White & Black - 12.5kg

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