In medieval times, as legend has it, 'crystal salt was traded ounce for ounce with gold' on the Silk Road.  Such was the value placed on the wonders of crystal salt even then.

Mahatma Ghandi successfully led India towards independence by peaceful means finally when he took control of the salt factories.  A most important commodity to everyday life of the people.

In the times of the Roman Empire, Roman Soldiers were part paid in 'Salt Money' which in Latin is 'SALARIUM ARGENTUM'.  Our present day word 'Salary' is derived from this Latin term.

How was the salt created?

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, when the Earth was still pristine and unpolluted, the sun-dried remnants of a primal sea left us with the purest and most beneficial natural salt on Earth, Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Mined by hand, Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt is the highest grade of natural salt that could possibly exist.  Uniquely pristine and natural, it contains many of the minerals of which our bodies are made up. The eons of sunlight stored within provide us with an inherent energy, restoring balance and life force within our bodies on all levels.

Free from environmental pollutants, Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt, with its range of health benefits and unique flavour-enhancing properties has made it the choice salt for countless gourmet chefs worldwide. To top it off, it possesses an unlimited shelf life.

Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt - SALT AS NATURE INTENDED