Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt's precise interaction with our body's inner workings is unique because it contains an almost identical set of minerals to those found in the human body. Not only does it carry 84 trace minerals, but they are presented in the same proportions as those occurring naturally in our blood.

Our blood is a salt solution, a fluid consisting of water and salt similar to that of the primal sea where all life originated. This salt solution flows through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels throughout our bodies, with the forces of levity and gravity regulating and balancing our bodily functions.

Not only can our bodies absorb and metabolise this salt due to its natural crystalline structure, but the trace minerals can be used optimally. Also the eons of sunlight stored within provides us with an inherent energy, restoring balance and life force within our bodies on all levels.

Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt, free from environmental pollutants, with its range of health benefits and its flavour enhancing properties has made it the choice salt for countless chefs worldwide.

Many restaurants are presently enjoying cooking with Himalayan Crystal Salt, delighted with the delicate flavours and improved taste that the natural salt gives. With its unique subtle influence, chefs value the distinctive difference that it brings to their favourite dishes bringing patrons back to their restaurants every time. Also attracting new ones!

Now for your catering needs at home, a handy 300 gram packet and 900 gram transparent plastic pail are available, as well as our credit crunch offer, so look out in good food stores, delicatessens, natural food stores or wherever quality products are sold.

Now you can enjoy the quality and taste the difference these healthy gourmet salts have to offer.

Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt - SALT AS NATURE INTENDED

What is table salt ?

Common table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals like moisture absorbents and iodine. Table salt is chemically cleaned salt that is dried at over 1,200 degrees Farenheit. Sodium chloride has a toxic effect on the body and the excessive heat alters the structure of the salt, making it of little value to our body.

Life is not possible without salt but our consumption is killing us.  Water is taken from the cells as the body tries to neutralise the excess sodium chloride and the dehydrated body cells die.  Our blood is a salt solution, a fluid consisting of water and salt, similar to the brine of the primal sea, where all life originated. This salt solution is crucial for regulating, balancing and maintaining vital functions of the body.

Although our body requires only 0.2g of salt per day, the truth is that most of us suffer from salt deficiency, while instead we are oversaturated with sodium chloride. In Western countries, the average daily consumption of table salt is between 12g - 20g. Yet, our body is only able to excrete 5g - 7g through our kidneys, which also varies with health status.

Sea salt is more natural than table salt and contains many more minerals. However it is of little value to the body simply because of the structure of the salt.

Conversely, Himalayan Crystal Salt has a natural crystalline structure which delivers these minerals in such minute form, it allows the body cells to readily absorb and metabolise it naturally. With all the added benefits of the high mineral content and the purity of the salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt comes highly recommended for use in cooking and as a finishing salt.