Salarium Argentum brings to you a delightful range of natural salts from the foothills of the Himalayas.  These gourmet salts are highly prized by discerning chefs around the world and health advocates alike - and no wonder since Himalayan Crystal Salt is distinctive in five ways:

  • For its colours - Black, White and Pink

  • For its flavours

  • For its texture

  • For its purity

  • For its health benefits

Now you have the opportunity to experience this range of salts yourself.  See if you are not completely won over by a new way of cooking and a new way of bringing flavour to your favourite dishes naturally.

When used in the cooking process, the flavours of the merging ingredients of your recipes are enhanced.  Contrary to recent ideology, and for those concerned about using salt, Salarium Argentum Himalayan Crystal Salt is suitable for those who require a low sodium diet or for those who simply want to improve their health naturally.  By avoiding high salt processed foods, already the salt surplus (unhealthy salt) in our diet can be eliminated.  Freshly prepared foods with Himalayan Crystal Salt opens the doors to a much healthier way to good eating and living.


The Gourmet Black Salt and the Premium White Salts are both cooking salts.


Can be used in the cooking of lightly flavoured dishes and when cooking rice or pasta or vegetables and delicately flavoured seafood and sauces.


Can be used when cooking more robust flavoured foods.  This rich salt actually mellows and blends beautifully with the food as it cooks.  The darker colour of this salt is due to the increased magnesium content.


Is delicious when 'sprinkled on' to the already prepared plate at the table. The texture produced by the delicious, delicate crystals adds a new sensation to the palate - a burst of flavour in fact, unlike anything else. The pink colour is produced by the extra iron contained within.

Salarium Argentum has the philosophy of striving to make available to all, this highly prized, top quality salt in all its forms so that everyone can experience all the wonderful benefits they have to offer.



  • Is natural and pristine

  • Free of contaminants

  • Contains 84 trace elements found in the human body

  • Has a natural crystalline structure, it's key to absorbing these trace elements into the body through metabolism

For thousands of years, salt has been known as the panacea alchemists call 'the 5th Element', besides water, earth, fire and air - because its qualities were comparable to ether, the actual 5th element.

Such is the case with Himalayan Crystal Salt, by far the purest salt available on earth and utterly uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants.

The mineral content of the salt helps our bodies to:

  • Regulate and balance the water content within our systems

  • Reduce the acidity in the cells

  • Balance blood sugar levels

  • Promote hydroelectric energy in the cells

  • Aid food absorption in the intestine

  • Help clear sinus congestion

  • Help strengthen bones with the extra calcium content

  • Help regulate sleep

  • Help improve circulation

These are just some of the benefits to be gained from switching to a diet of fresh foods and Himalayan Crystal Salt.

This very precious salt is undeniably superior to that of sea salt and table salt. Neither salt has a natural crystal structure, nor are they free of pollutants and chemicals.